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Central location, really good beds, strong drinks and a #mamamade breakfast. Above all,
BIG MAMA Hotels are: a place to stay, discover, be together and just have a good time.

You are here to discover the city. We're here to make it happen for you, your way.

Stylish design, modern and practical rooms, but without compromising on quality. So you can relax and explore the city your way. Incredibly comfortable, incredibly affordable.

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A love affair between two cities

Experience Berlin and Leipzig with us, and we'll help you fall in love with our cities



Modern & practically furnished rooms without much chi-chi invite you to feel at home. With such essentials as a huge power strip near the bed, you can easily charge all your gadgets while surfing with high-speed WiFi.

BIG MAMA Leipzig Room
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    about you

    We are thinking ahead. When you need support, we help. We lend a hand and find uncomplicated solutions - BIG MAMA style.


    At BIG MAMA, it's just like at home: Mom takes care of everything, but doesn't do all the work for you.


    We create a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere so that you can start your adventure strengthened and rested.

    BIG MAMA Hotels Coffee
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    about the environment

    No question for BIG MAMA: Sustainability is important to us in our hotels. We participate in Too Good to Go - the movement against food waste.


    We use regional products and are happy about our in-house beehive on the roof of the Berlin BIG MAMA Hotel. By the way, it supplies our own honey and provides the sweetness in our Honey GIN.


    In addition, there's no overloaded buffet at BIG MAMA, instead freshly prepared and refilled. We are almost meticulous about not wasting anything and mostly avoid plastic packaging on the buffet.

    BIG MAMA Hotels buddhist figure
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    about our team

    BIG MAMA loves diversity among its own employees. Here, everyone can remain as they are - as part of the BIG MAMA family.


    We are a family and stand up for each other. It's not always sunshine and roses with us, but we don't leave each other out in the rain either. If someone is in a bad mood, we often notice it immediately and try to pull the tooth.


    BIG MAMAs are sporty! Our own soccer team is on the pitch every week in Berlin and is celebrated for great goals with "BIG MAMA is the hammer". In the 20/21 season, they even won the district championship!

    Whoop, Whoop!

    BIG MAMA Team
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    about local society

    Volunteer work in the hot neighborhood: In summer, BIG MAMA organizes a "watering the trees" campaign to provide them with water that is tapped at the hotel. We are also a member of the neighborhood council of the Soldiner Kiez neighborhood.


    Because we see it like Spider-Man "from great power follows great responsibility" - we like to get involved in the neighborhood and beyond.


    This also includes sourcing local products where possible and choosing partnerships that fit our values and also create something beyond mere collaboration.

    BIG MAMA Hotels ice